Data Communication

EGC offers all Fiber Optic installation services: splicing-fusion, termination, troubleshooting, and testing of fiber optic networks.

EGC Also designs and plans reliable Data Centers based on universal approved standards. This is done by implementing Necessary studies for power, HVAC, cabling, cabinets and security systems.

Network Solutions

Ethernet Systems

  • Cabinet-Core Switching: Cisco, Linksys, Netgear
  • Industrial Switches: Siqura/Optelecom, Comnet

Wireless Systems

Wireless Access Points and Antennas: EnGenesis, Linksys, Cisco.

IP Telephony

Truly unique rack-mountable, wall-mountable, desk-mountable or shelf mountable SIP Server/PBX. High voice quality and easy integration with business applications

Fiber Systems

  • Active Components including all types of Media Converters such as Ethernet to Fiber Converter
  • Telecom Products like Couplers, Spliters and WDM.
  • Fiber Management: Fiber Optic Panels, Cabinets, Boxes and Accessories.
  • Fiber Optic Cables for various applications and Solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure

Backup Power

A vital element in the safe operation of any server room is a consistent and reliable power supply. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.


In a data center or computer room, an efficient and reliable air-conditioning and cooling system is essential to protect your IT equipment.

Floor Raising

Our raised floor systems helps manage and segregate large volumes of wires, cables, water lines and other distribution systems.

Structured Network Cables

A facility's data communication and network infrastructure should minimize risk of incidents occurring while relieving and supporting operations.

Security & Fire Alarm Integration

Fire is a potential threat to any server room or data center, We offer a wide range of fully-integrated fire detection along with Access control and Monitoring System.


EGC provides IP Communication Solutions Customized To Your Business, we give a hand to move with your facilities into the new Era of TV services, Alcad is the best Digital Signage solution for Hoptel, Malls, Hospitals and Universities

TV and video broadcast via IP allows the transmission of images through standard data networks, making possible the transmission of television, telephone and internet through one piece of equipment. Better Image Quality and extra services are made available for guests as well.

Alcad IPTV System Components

IP Streamers

Devices that receive the Terrestrial, Satellite or A/V input signal and transform it into IP, either free or conditional access. Alcad's IP Streamers broadcast IP contents in standard and high definition, with up to 8 channels per module.

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Management Server

Provides additional functionalities such as VoD, supervises the operation of the installation and performs pricing, both prepaid and postpaid, for the different services which are available.

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IP decoder

STB connected to a TV set or a Touch Screen with an articulated arm. In case of STB, Alcad manufactures a high definition and antivandal unit.

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Alcad IPTV System Applications


New AGE TV, The ultimate platform for comprehensive and easy television Management.

  • Channel list customisation
  • Groups of users
  • EPG & Teletext
  • High Availability
  • Remote channel Selection
  • Guest Services
  • Hotel Services


A complete system to provide patients with valueadded services and medical staff with an efficient tool.

  • Patient services
  • Hospital services
  • Medical services
  • High Availability
  • Direct integration with the Nurse-call system
  • Adaptation to the type of installation


Digital signage has become the best way to transmit information, regardless of the location and the person who receives it,improving the performance of your business.The main characteristics of this media are:

  • Effectiveness
  • Dynamic communication
  • Interactivity
  • Image of modernity
  • Best Fit in Malls, Universities and Corporate Buildings