Lightning Protection & Grounding

EGC is the official distributor of Thomas & Betts ( member of ABB) products in Lebanon.

Our Engineers and experts are certified trained by Furse to design and implement the advanced total solutins to your individual lightning protection, transient overvoltage and Grounding needs.

Furse products

Furse product range includes the following:

Air Termination

Wide range of air terminals, bases and clamps for the air termination network compatable with IEC/BS EN 62305-3 regulations.

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Conductors & Accessories

Extensive range of down conductors and accessories.

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Grounding Rods & Plates

Earth rods and plates, clamps and inspection pits.

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Exothermic Welding System

The Furseweld exothermic welding process is a simple, self contained method of forming high quality electrical connections. The compact process requires no external power or heat source making it completely portable..

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Surge Protection Devices

A comprehensive line of surge protective devices to meet your needs, regardless of the exposure risk. They protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transients caused by lightning

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